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Chris Allsopp

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Name :- Chris Allsopp
Position :- Trainer

(Q) Favourite dog
(A) Chevy Blazer

(Q) Dog to Follow for 2015
(A) Rovera

(Q) Whats the best track dog and coursing dog you've ever seen?
(A) Best dog i have any seen track Premier Fantasy, coursing Adios Alonso.

(Q) Favourite Track?
(A) Shelebourne Park - Different Class

(Q) What's your favourite coursing meeting?
(A) Conmel Festival, But i was very impressed with the new Cashel Field this year, the locals
worked very hard on the field pumping gallons and gallons of water on it.

(Q) Lowest Point in your life?
(A) My Dad Bob Allsopp dying of cancer, he was the one who got me into this great sport and many other
sports, he raised me and my brother Richard after our parents separated.

(Q) Highest point in your life?
(A) My wonderful wife Aileen giving birth to my three boys Shaun 12, Ciaran 9 and Mad Michael 6

(Q) What guests would you invite to dinner?
(A) My best mates, Paul Anderson, Steve Masters, John O'Sullivan and my Brother Richard and Yan to take the photos!

(Q) Who do you owe most to?
(A) My wife Aileen for believing in me. I packed in a very good job working for confectionary giant Cadburys, to have a proper crack at the dogs.

(Q) Betting Highlight?
(A) I'm not really a big gambler!!!!!

(Q) Qhats's your favourite film?
(A) Gladiator

(Q) What's your favourite tune?
(A) Oasis - Wonderwall

(Q) What's your favourite book?
(A) Sorry, no time to read books.

(Q) What's your favourite TV programme?
(A) Easy....anything with sport.

(Q) Any hobbies?
(A) I still play the odd game of Rugby, but any spare time i have i help coach
my three boys who all play.

(Q) Ambition?
(A) To play a rugby match with all my three boys. ( best get down the Gym!)

(Q) One thing you are good at?
(A) Forward thinking, always looking for the next dog/owner- opportunity, if you stand still in this game your finished.

(Q) One thing you are bad at?
(A) Listening to advice.

(Q) Favourite holiday destination?
(A) Barbados on my Honeymoon, best Family Holiday Florida.

(Q) Early pace or staying power?
(A) Early pace wins the race.

(Q) What's an unfulfilled ambition?
(A) To win the English and Irish Derby.

(Q) Biggest mistake?
(A) Trusting people to much, I've learnt over the years!

(Q) What's your best piece of advice?
(A) If you can't do it properly don't do it at all.

(Q) With my lottery winning I would?
(A) Spend it and give it away to my family and friends, we only live once and it's not a dress rehearsal.

(Q) If I owned a greyhound track my first priority would be to?
(A) Make it a special night out with luxury facilities, make a night out atthe dogs which you would
never forget, offering a different sort of six pack, all inclusive package- including, meal,drinks,free bets,
pre and post race entertainment and overnight stay in an onsite luxury hotel.

(Q) If I owned a coursing field my first priority would be to?
(A) Lift the profile of the sport, its a great product but the marketing is poor.

(Q) My first objective if I was Chief Executive of the GBGB/IGB/ICC, BGRB would be to?
(A) I have never taking drugs or ever given drugs to my dogs, I've been bought up hard but fair.
When i get beat in a rugby match or a greyhound race, I take it on the chin like a true sportsman
and congratulate the winner, its not hard to say well done, but many people in the sport struggle
to say these three simple words!
The sport would be much better if it was on a level playing field and if trainers were found guilty of
giving dogs a banned drug, they should banned for life, the same as a olympic athelete.
If this was bought into action and all trainers stuck to the rules, Then surly this would be great for the sport.

(Q) Best moment in greyhound racing?
(A) Winning the UK trainer of the year title in 2012.

(Q) History in sport?
(A) My late dad Bob was a trainer and i was brought up around all the flapping tracks
in the midlands, Hinckley, Warwick, Coalville, Long Eaton to name a few.
I left School at 15 and worked for Bertie Gaynor at Hall Green then after Bertie retired back to Ireland
I work for his head lad Bruce Jennings at Nottingham and then had a good few years with Paddy Hancox
back at Hall Green.

(Q) Memorable dogs over the years?
(A) My best dogs over the years, Kanes Blue really got me noticed when we bought him at nearly 4 years
old, he had been trained previous by legends in the sport Ginger McGee and Brenden Mathews.
I was laughed at after buying him, but they stopped laughing when i got to the semi- final of the English Derby with the dog.The traps failed to open in my semi and the old dog, who was a pinger smashed his head off the traps and cut his head slightly.
I knew then our chance had gone, he walked out when put back in.The dog done us proud, he gave myself and my loyal staff belief that we could compete at the very top in this sport.
Other great young dogs i have brought in and trained over the years are Ballymac Ace,Burnpark Champ, Rev Counter, Express Shuttle,Ten Dollars More, Cluxtons Free, Drumcove Lad and many more.
But our strengths seem to be with the older dogs we bring in and by somehow revitalising their racing careers such as Kanes Blue, King Lee (Fifis Rocket), Brittons Empire, Head iton Jason, Ballycowen Dave, Daddy Knowsbest and most recently Exocet.

(Q) How did you get started?
(A) A few years after my dad passed away (he was a small trainer),And without myself and any of the family going racing for years, as there were no dogs around us anymore,
My uncles and Aunts who my Dad trained for asked me to get them a dog and train for a bit of fun.
I brought two dogs out the racing post off Paul Young and built a kennel in the garden.
I worked for Cadburys at the time and just done it as a hobby, to keep the family happy. Paul Anderson my long time best mate was working for BMW and gave me a hand.
We planned a little gamble at the local flapping tracks, Hinckley and Warwick.
They both won, Oh Dear!, thats how it all started.
I applied for a GBGB licence then and with the same dog i won my first open back in October 2004 at
Milton Keynes.
If those gambles would have got beat, I swear i would of never trained again. Was it meant to be??
I went on then training full time, packing my job in, with no backers behind me, my assistant trainer also packed in his job at BMW, we started training at Coventry, then going to Monmore Green.
I came into the sport with it declining and trainers struggling, I started with one owner ( my family) and two dogs, Ive worked very hard over the years, putting myself in the shop window, trying to get new owners every day, but in any business you are only judged on results.
The owners and dogs i have now were not given to me and only come from hard work and big race success which we have had over the years.
My forward thinking in creating a website with Facebook and Twitter has also helped in my success, it gives owners so much more and makes them feel part of the team.